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                                    the family run business, is wholesaler, reseller and distributor based in UK, and specializes in United Kingdom and Central / East European markets.

    Our main focus is not just our private projects and stocklots, but also to seek out the customers for a suppliers, as well as help the  buyers get a required products from the manufacturers.

    Our company has very friendly collective with a wide range of the experience and understanding a daily problems of all the world, with the stock upkeep, choice of the products with a equivalent quality of trade standards and for a lowest/competitive prices on the market as possible, as well as to find reliable suppliers. Also full support for the suppliers to sale their made products and get so many customers as possible.

Our company has several own products and projects sold under private labels and trade marks. In addition, we are proud to be an official distributor and reseller of several known European brands (eg GGM, METRON, BIGSHOCK, MAGUAMA, GITANO COSMETICS, ERRE-DESIGN and more) especially in the UK, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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